Rune Readings  

So what are runes and rune readings?  For more information on runes and their history please go to my ‘The Runes’ page.  There you will find information about the runes and how they have evolved over time.

The rune readings that I give are not psychic readings.  I am not going to connect you with people who have passed over. Neither, unfortunately, can I tell you if you will win the lottery or meet a tall dark handsome stranger.

My readings focus on you. We are born with an innate wisdom and belief in ourselves and our abilities. However, over time, this belief can become shaken by circumstances and we start to listen less to our inner voice as we react to circumstances and difficulties in our lives.

The aim of my rune readings is to reconnect you with your inner wisdom and help you gain the confidence and self belief to trust your own intuition and decision making powers.  The reading is not about giving you answers – it is about giving you the tools to find your own answers.  The readings are not always easy; I tend to be blunt about what the runes are showing me but between us we can work on strategies and ways forward.


What is involved in a rune reading?  

I much prefer to work face to face wherever possible but I am increasingly being asked to do telephone readings as well.  I will explain first how I work on a typical face to face reading

I start off by explaining about the runes and what to expect from the reading then I ask you to sit quietly holding the runes in their bag and ask you to focus your thoughts on them.  I do not ask you anything about yourself or why you have come for the reading as I prefer to only work with what the runes are showing me to start with. That way I can’t just repeat back to you what you have already told me.

Next I ask you to select 7 of the runes that you feel the most attracted to and these are the ones I use for the initial reading.  I will tell you what the runes are showing me and what interpretation I put on that.  We then have a discussion about this before the next stage.  I then ask you select more runes either to look at a specific situation or question that you may have (which you can either chose to tell me about or not) and I will repeat the process with these runes. We then repeat the process a third time with our thoughts focussed on what help and support you need to move you forward towards your goals.

This pattern may vary from reading to reading depending on what comes up in the runes or on the needs and wishes of the person i am reading for

The reading follows a similar process for a telephone reading but I pick out the runes for the person.  I ask for a photo, or ask the person to read something out to me while I am selecting on their behalf.

Generally, a reading takes about 30 to 40 minutes but this can vary from person to person.

You are very welcome to come to my treatment room in Stourport or I will travel to you if you are near enough. I charge £20 for an individual reading plus travel at £1 per mile if I come out to you.

If you have a small group of people (6 max) and would like a short reading each I can arrange this for you. I charge £40 plus travel for this. Each person would have a shorter version of my usual individual reading. I divide the time up according to the number of people present.